My interview with Jess Williams from Create Live Grow.

I came across Jess via her  Instagram page & immediately felt i could relate to it, so i jumped on her  Website & was quite surprised at all the posts that i could empower upon.
So i decided to downloaded Jess Free phone app > > ‘createlivegrow’app1
& was blown away of all the information available at a click of a button , videos with amazing women giving honest advise.. I thought to myself, this women has inspired me to write about her & has inspired me to be a better me, tough me to distress, comeback to the now & i’m still learning, maybe you will be inspired like i am ?
Happy reading..


Tell us a bit about yourself & why you created create live grow?
I am 28 years old, a graphic designer, marketer and photographer, living on the Gold Coast. I am studying life coaching and running a blog and business with the goal to empower women and promote self connection. ♥
My twenties, like most, has been a time of self discovery.
For many years I experienced social anxiety and didn’t quite know how to cope with it or move past it. This also held me back from sharing the ‘real’ me with the world, choosing instead to blend in.
Although I love design, it isn’t my true passion and when people would ask me how they could ‘find’ me online, I didn’t quite know what to tell them.
I decided it was time to show the TRUE me, and to create something that embodied me as a person and EVERYTHING I felt passionate about in life.
This came down to three words… CREATE LIVE GROW.
Creativity, a healthy lifestyle, personal and spiritual growth.
I can honestly say that  I am ready to SHINE. I am ready to reach out my hand and share my experiences with others. We are in this together and I want women to know that they aren’t alone and shine a light so they can discover their truth too.
Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 9.51.50 pm
Why is embracing the mindfulness of women a passion to you?
My passion is to help other women find peace, happiness and confidence within themselves.
It’s so incredibly easy to lose ourselves in everything that is happening around us. Most of us are constantly looking for the next thing we can achieve or own in order to find true happiness, forgetting that it is actually available within us, in this moment.
I catch myself doing this too!
After many years of anxiety, worrying what others may think of me – as well as constantly trying to find my ‘purpose’ – I am finally discovering how to be PRESENT. How to enjoy THIS moment and take the pressure off myself. The miracle is that THAT IS where my purpose lies – sharing this moment with others and helping them to find it too. Which I am incredibly grateful for.
Your workshops have touched many- how does it feel to help other women? (if you’d like to add a link to your upcoming ones oi can pop them on there also)
 It actually feels CRAZY!
I still find it hard to believe. I have recorded a voice blog describing how I started my 30 Day Soul Challenge.  Available in this link
I simply wanted to start sharing what had helped me. I felt way out of my comfort zone even offering it , but it is incredible how much women are crying out to feel heard and understood. It really is a beautiful process to be a part of and I just can’t thank every single person enough that has chosen to be a part of Create Live Grow and the Soul Challenge.
Your blog has a range of posts for balance, lifestyle & the soul, they are amazing reads, what are some must read posts? 
 Oooh thank you!!
I think first of all it would be the very first blog post I wrote admitting to the world that I had been working through Social Anxiety. It was actually amazing the response I received – something that I had worked so hard at hiding for so long, was so beautifully received. It elevated Create Live Grow to new heights. Authenticity really is awesome – it allows others to connect with you in a very real way.
Second would have to be a post by my beautiful mum (Moira Williams from @pureheartcentre). Create Live Grow wouldn’t be what it is without her – she is full of SO much wisdom. Her post on Emotions and Personal Programming is a must read.
Thirdly, I would like to share my podcast interview on Amber Hawken’s podcast. I was so nervous leading up to it, and am so proud of myself for stepping up and sharing my story. We chatted all things anxiety and how it has actually been a blessing in disguise.
And last but definitely not least – ‘Introvert is not a dirty word’
What are your top 3 tips for women?
 1. That the aspects of ourselves  that we most try to hide or wish didn’t exist can actually be our greatest assets. Learning to accept and love ourselves for ALL that we are is a very freeing process. It allows us to take the pressure off to be perfect and gives others the permission to do the same too.
It also allows us to put all that extra energy into more positive and productive areas of our life – all the worry, overthinking etc can be channelled in new, exciting and loving ways!
 2. Find ways to come back to yourself and the present moment each day. For many people , meditation is a bit off putting and too much of an effort to fit into everyday life and I can totally understand that. I recommend trying simple things instead. Small moments that can be found throughout your day.
An example –  we tend to have constant noise surrounding us. When I’m in the car and the commercials come on the radio, I turn the volume right down. I don’t need advertisements blaring at me , so instead I really enjoy that moment of silence.
There are many ways to do this throughout the day. Appreciating the moment you are in RIGHT NOW, rather than constantly thinking about what is coming next.
3. If there is an aspect of your life that you feel dissatisfied with, try viewing it from a new perspective. It isn’t always possible to uproot our lives, but we can change the way we experience it. An example for me was a job I had that I was feeling bored and unsatisfied with. It was a contract design job that I had at least a few weeks of. I was constantly telling myself how I didn’t want to do it, and I had no choice.
Well I decided to change my thinking and use that time to listen to podcasts while I worked. I was completing the job and learning amazing content about topics I was interested in at the same time. I actually started getting excited about going to the office!
Thank you so much for having me! I would love you to come join our sisterhood if Create Live Grow resonates with you . We have a free Facebook group, simply search ‘Create Live Grow’. We also have a 30 Day Soul Challenge beginning in April, join the Facebook Group for all the details.
Free phone app > > ‘createlivegrow’    download.png
Instagram – @create_live_grow
Snapchat – createlivegrow

I hope you have enjoyed this interview, Love Liz..


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